A downloadable Fallen Mask for Windows

As the Gods call for the Great Hunt, new hunters are summoned and sent into the realm of dreams to banish the horrible Nightmare, an ancient dark entity responsible for slaying those who dared enter its lair.  

As the next Hunter, you will need to retrieve the souls of your fallen brothers to get their strength before the beast does. You'll have to evade the Nightmare and its servants until you find them all. And then, you can finally vanish the creature forever.

Game Description

Fallen Mask is single-player survival game focused on providing a replayable experience set in a strange world sorrounded by mysticism and darkness.

Developer Team

Juan Belío - Main Designer

 Eduardo Briones - Programmer, Game Designer

David Fernández - Programmer

Sergi Gómez - 2D Artist, Character Artist, Particle Artist, Animator, Lightning

Xavier Lucena - Programmer, Producer

Albert Martínez - Environment Artist, Lightning

Sound Department

Huge thanks to the Audiovisual Media Degree students who provided many of the sounds you will hear in the game.

  • Adrián García, Marina Sánchez, Irina García, Julia Enguidanos.
  • Dani Lainz, Marc Mendola, David Ojea, Carlos Parrilla.


Install instructions

  1. Download and decompress the .rar file
  2. Open FallenMask.exe

The tutorial is highly advised for new players. Good hunting!


FallenMask_v1.7.rar 688 MB


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Mola, como sugerencia quizás si fueras más lento cuando corres o usas el dash te verías más obligado a usar las trampas que hay y también me ha pasado que el rayo que disparas colisiona con el enemigo y no le das al orbe aunque depende del ángulo muchas veces.

Me ha gustado chavales buen trabajo :)

Por cierto, he hecho speedrun: